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The Mystic Knowledge of Pranayama
Pranayama is the fourth 'limb' of the eight limbs of Raja Yoga mentioned in verse 2.29 in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Patanjali discusses his specific approach to pranayama in verses 2.49 through 2.51, and devotes verses 2.52 and 2.53 to explaining the benefits of the practice. Patanjali does not fully elucidate the nature of prana, and the theory and practice of pranayama seem to have undergone significant development after him. He presents pranayama as essentially an exercise that is preliminary to concentration, as do the earlier Buddhist texts.

Many yoga teachers advise that pranayama should be part of an overall practice that includes the other limbs of Patanjali's Raja Yoga teachings, especially Yama, Niyama, and Asana.

Sir John Woodroffe
Alongside his judicial duties he studied Sanskrit and Hindu philosophy and was especially interested in the esoteric Hindu Tantric Shakti system. He translated some 20 original Sanskrit texts, under his pseudonym Arthur Avalon. He was mostly known for the book "Serpent Power" and "The Garland of Letters"
Born December 15, 1865
Died January 18, 1936
Swami Vivekananda
Came to the west on the orders of his Master/Guru Ramakrishna to spread the four major teachings of yoga:
1. Jnana Yoga, 2. Karma Yoga, 3. Bhakti Yoga and 4. Raja Yoga
Born January 12, 1863
Died July 4, 1902
Annie Besant
Besant was a prolific writer and a powerful orator on the Theosophical Society teachings in the late 1880s and early 1900s. She became the president of the Theosophical Society
Born October 1, 1847
Died September 20, 1933
Paramahansa Yogananda

In 1920, he went to the United States aboard the ship City of Sparta, as India's delegate to an International Congress of Religious Liberals convening in Boston. That same year he founded the Self-Realization Fellowship to disseminate worldwide his teachings on India's ancient practices and philosophy of Yoga and its tradition of meditation.

Born January 5, 1893
Died March 7, 1952
Swami Sivananada
He is the founder of The Divine Life Society (1936), Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy (1948) and author of over 200 books on yoga, vedanta and a variety of other subjects. He established Sivananda Ashram, the location of the headquarters of The Divine Life Society (DLS), on the bank of the Ganges at Shivanandanagar, at a distance of 3 kilometres from Rishikesh

Born September 8, 1887
Died July 14, 1963
Dr George King

Founder-President of The Aetherius Society a mysyic order that was charged with the karmic responsibility of assisting the Cosmic Masters of this planet and solar system with stablizing the collective karmic patterns of the human race. Dr King developed and designed several missions and devices that mankind can use to  purify his aura and the environment. He also delivered over 600 messages from cosmic masters while in a self-induced samahic trance.

Born January 23, 1919
Deid July 12, 1997
The International Mystic Knowledge Center
The Mystic Knowledge
of Pranayama
The Mystic Knowledge
of Pranic Healing
The Mystic Knowledge of Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself and that the healing process is accelerated by increasing this life force that is readily available from the sun, air and ground, to address physical & emotional imbalances. Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means vital life-force or adsolute energy. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health.
The Mystic Knowledge of
Psychic Development
The Mystic Knowledge of Psychic Development
There are several basic rules associated with psychic development. The rules are simple but a little unconventional for the average person or student.  The whole aim of these rules are to bring about a natural ability to activate the unused or dormant cosmic energies within the body and to learn to control these cosmic energies to heighten man’s experience throughout his journey of life.  These cosmic energies within the body are known as “prana”, and the most potent part of it is call “Kundalini”.  This Kundalini energy is located throughout the body in various aspects and degrees.  The “base of spine” is where most of this “Kundalini” lies asleep, or dormant; waiting to be awakened by the proper management of the Soul of man. 

Helena P.  Blavatsky,
Co-founder of the Theosophical SocietyH.P Blavatsky is best known for her books; "The Secret Doctrine"  "The ISIS Unveiled", The Voice of the Silence, and her Commentary on The Stanzas of Dzyan. Also her extraoriginary demonstration of psychic powers and her metaphysical knowledge.
Born August 12, 1831
Died May 8, 1891
Great Teachers of Mystic Knowledge
Our mission is to assist people in their pursuit of gaining a greater knowledge in the mystic sciences. We are dedicated to providing serious students with a true mystic pathway to spiritual development without the commercial glamour within most popular new age books today dealing with spiritual development. Our teachings and lessons are uniquely designed to guide the student towards spiritual development.

The program lessons are catered towards the individual, with our commitment to the highest standards of personal service. We understand the importance of value; thus we consistently and consciously work towards providing the most comfortable environment possible for you to learn. Our books and teachings are designed to  bring clarity and proper guidance.
The Mystic Knowledge
of Prayer
The Mystic Knowledge of Prayer
The form of prayer that I am referring to is a dynamic mystic technique of prayer that manipulates the subtle cosmic energies that make up the universe.  The power behind this form of prayer lies within the various components that make up the technique of prayer.  The method of prayer that this book  advocates is a technique that combines several ancient forms of visualization and yoga exercises that specialize in moving raw prana or cosmic energies from one level of operation to another level of operation with specific purpose and direction of action. This prayer technique requires the person to adopt a concept of God that would have us believe that God has provided all creation with an abundance of prana, or vital life force of cosmic energies that we live within, move within an have our being within.  In other words all life within creation lives in this sea of prana. 
Alice A. Bailey
Her works, written between 1919 and 1949, describe a wide-ranging system of esoteric thought covering such topics as how spirituality relates to the solar system; meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, the destiny of nations, and prescriptions for society in general
Born June 16, 1880
Died December 15, 1949
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